Inspirational Questions To Get To Know Someone

When you meet someone, sometimes you feel a connection and hit it right away. But how can you be too sure if they are your type and a good relationship is in fact in the making? When you ask a few questions, they can be light hearted, an ice breaking session and also tell you a lot about the person.

These “would you rather” questions are just right for this purpose. I found the best would you rather questions here and I use them regularly to get to know a person better. These are inspirational and inquisitive, thus helping you to know more about a new person.

  1. Would you rather know when a person is lying to you or never get caught lying?
  2. Would you rather use a lottery win to start that business you have been dreaming of or spend on the hungry and homeless?
  3. Would you rather lead a team of not so smart people or be a part of a team of intellectuals?
  4. Would you rather undo the past or know what is in store in future?
  5. Would you rather save a cow from a butcher or let it be fed to hungry homeless children?
  6. Would you rather catch a cheating partner red handed or get the person they are cheating with, into trouble with the law?
  7. Would you rather have no friends or have friends who are only using you for your money and power?
  8. Would you rather feed a hundred children with your money or build houses for the homeless?
  9. Would you go on a free exotic vacation with wife and kids or with friends?
  10. Would you rather be able to express your thought or know what others are thinking?

These questions will help you know more about a person and their preference. They will also help the person know more about themselves based on the choices they make. There is no right or wrong answers here. Every answer just tells something more about the person.

Best way to Increase your grades at University

Home tutoring is an amazing way to increase your grades at school. Some people struggle with learning in class and want to find a one to one environment with a tutor. Tutoring is very popular and is a great resource for helping pass exams or deepening the learning needed to be excellent in your field of study.

When your grades at school or university are lagging and your stress is high you need to find a tutor to help. I found the best math tutor here who provided a valuable insight into what is possible with my capacity and give me a valuable perspective into what is needed in order to pass a test.

They can help improve your essay writing skills and note taking which is something that might help your focus in class, which many students find difficult. Paying more attention in class is something we all feel we could improve, but yet sometimes you need a tutor to give you the learning tools to get started.

A positive mental attitude is important and with low self-esteem you will increasingly find things challenging. The first step to improving one’s grades is to believe in yourself and what is available. Aiming for being the top in the class is ideal and with a tutor helping you the odds of achieving those grades are more likely.

Figure out where your time is being wasted at university. Some people spend far too much time underperforming and need to adjust prioritises. Some subjects are boring, and you find yourself falling asleep in class. If there is a problem subject, then getting a tutor to help with your weakest class will give a huge sense of achievement once you have mastered that subject.

How To Get Into Your Dream College

Getting into college can be a big challenge for many. Getting into a college of your choice? Definitely requires a lot of hard work and focus.

Once one reaches high school, they need to start thinking about college. It is not something one can do over night. There are a number of steps and procedures involved like:

  • Deciding which stream you want to get into – like medical, software, mechanical, etc
  • Finding out what are the various courses available in the field of your choice
  • Finding out which college offers which of these courses
  • Finding out which college is better than which for the course of your choice (just because a college in your list is top ranked, need not necessarily mean it is the best for the course you have chosen)
  • What are the various requirements for this particular course and what are the subjects you should have covered
  • The various entrance exams you need to clear and the cut off marks to aim for
  • When are the application forms given out and what are the due dates to submit them
  • What are the other requirements apart from your grades and SAT scores to get qualified for this particular college
  • What else can help you get more recognition than others who have applied

Once you find out these details you will have to start preparing and working towards getting a good SAT score to qualify for the college. Getting a good score is not as easy as scoring well at school. One may have to enroll into extra classes and also have a SAT tutor to help you score well.

A specialized tutor may sound unnecessary as the course details, the portions, sample question papers, etc are available online. But this tutor can help you focus better on area that really matter and teach you a few tricks to answer the questions better.